Summarized Analysis of Textile & Apparel Sector of Korea-Canada FTA
Jul 7, 2014 10:05:14 AM

South Korea and Canada have initaled their bilateral free trade agreement(FTA) in Seoul on June 12th.


In this regards, KOFOTI(Korea Federation of Textile Industries) provide explanation material for textile and appareal sector of Korea-Canada FTA.  


99.4% of Korea's tariff will be abolished on the effective date of FTA, and same is 56.3% of Canada's tariff. The rest will be phased out within three years.  


Rule of origin is based on "single substantial transformation". Yarns must be spun or extruded in Canada or Korea, Fabrics must be woven or knitted from the non-originated yarns or you could dye or print from the non-originated fabrics. Apparel must be cut or knit to shpae or sewn in the community. 


Certificate of origin is self-proving method, no need a certification from customs or "approved exporter" as Korea-EU FTA.  


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