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How can I register or update company information? Mar 17, 2017 4:59:27 PM

You can register and update on “Mgmt(Management) of Company Info” You can access

 “Management of Company Info” after log-in and the information will appear under

My Page.

If you can not see the menu after log-in, please check membership status.

Access to “Management of Company Info” is allowed only to the members

in status of Supplier / Etc / Agent”.

Registering Company Info

Click “Create” button on the right. If you don’t find the button on the spot, it means

business registration No. is not registered in “Member Info.”,

So you have to update membership information before registering company information.

Click on “Create” button will open the company info. screen. If there is information already

registered under the business registration No., you can not save newly added info. on the

screen, so make sure to click ‘Overlap Check‘ to check whether there is overlapped

business registration No. on the system.

If it is available business registration No., you should fill out information in each items

and then click “Save” button. 

After saving company info. another button will appear to let you fill out product and

other information. Select items relevant to you and enter the information and then,

click “Save” button on the top right side to complete company info. registration.

If you click “Cancel” button on the right side, it will reset the screen and direct you

to the starting screen for company info. registration, so make sure not to click “Cancel”

before saving the input data. 

Update of Company Info.

If there is previously registered company information, you can see “Update” button

on the screen for “Management of Company Info”.

Click on “Update” button will show tabs for each category and you can enter or

update information the same way you do for registration of company info.