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What is Search for Companies/Statistics and how can I use it? Mar 17, 2017 4:38:53 PM

“Category > Others” is to help you search companies on Korea Textile by Province, Number of employees,

HS Code, Product Name and Equipment/Machine.

Province/No. of Employees

This is the screen where you can make inquiries by province, No. of employees, HS Code

and production facility categorization and see statistics or list on the number of companies

and employees in the province. Set the search parameter and then click “Search” button.

As seen on the screen below, you can see the number of companies and employees

in the province on the map on the left and see the list of company names, No. of

employees, products and facilities on the right. If you want to see information relevant to

certain region,

you enter the region on the top to set the parameter or click on the region on the map

 to see lists relevant to the region.

By clicking on the pointer in the middle, you can enlarge the company list on the right

and click on specific company name will show you detailed information of the company.

HS Code / Product

This is the screen where you can search by HS Code, HS Code Name and product name

to see the number of companies and entire production volume of the region.

You can review

the data and enlarge the screen, the same way you do on the screen of search by “Province/No. of employees”.

Equipment/Machine Type
You can search by production “Equipment classification” to see the No. of companies

and No. of facilities in the region.
Click on the “Search” button on the right will generate pop-up to show production “Equipment classification”.

Click on each pointer or facility category will show sub-menus or click on ‘unfold all’

on the top right side will show full contents of facility classification.

Then you can click on the type of facility you are looking for. 


Click on “Search” button will show the No. of companies having the facility and total No.

of the facilities. For other functions, you can use them, the same way you do

on the screen for search by “Province/No. of employees”.