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Is membership registration essential to access and use information on the site? Mar 17, 2017 4:16:00 PM

It is not essential for all services. You can access and see information on Notice and

Information without signing up for membership.

Yet, if you want to see detailed information on companies or products in search result

and to access Companies/Statistics search menu, you have to log-in to the system.

If you become a member, you can register and update your company info.

and see detailed information on companies and products in search result.

You can also upload posts, so we recommend you to sign up for membership.
(Please be informed after you sign up for membership, you need to obtain authorization

from administrator to filter out users signing up to post spamming advertisement.)

How to Join Membership

1. Click on “Join Free” on the top right side.

2. Check ‘I Agree‘ after reading through Terms and Conditions of Membership and enter and save member information. 

If you agree with terms and conditions and privacy policy, the screen will direct you 

to member info. page. When you enter member info. make sure to enter information

in the fields marked with * as they are essential information for membership registration.

Supplier with production or processing facilities or intermediary supplier should select

Supplier or Agent in User Type and enter business registration No. to allow company information registration and management.

“Purpose of Joining/Introduction” in the bottom is major factor for registration authorization. If the purpose of accessing the site and self-introduction of user is

not sufficient or clear, it may be classified as a spammer or an unqualified one

and registration will be rejected. So please state as specific as possible.

Once you finish filling out member information, then click “Save” button to complete membership registration.

In general it takes 1~2 days to for registration request to be authorized. 

How to Log In

Click “Login” on the top right side.
Enter ID and password and click “Login”.