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I like to find a supplier for specific items. How can I find them? Mar 17, 2017 4:27:02 PM

You can search with ‘Category Search’ menu or the search box on the top.

To review detailed information on the companies or products on the search result,

you need to log-in to the system, so we recommend you to log-in

before conducting the search.
Search for Supplier with the Search Box on the Top

1. Enter search information on the supplier (Company name, product name

or textile materials, etc.) and click on “SEARCH” button.
For example, if you want to search for suppliers of ’mountain wear’, enter ’mountain’

in the search box and then the auto completion function will show you ’mountain

wear’, ’mountain fabric’ and others. Then, click on ’mountain wear’ or other keyword

or just enter ’mountain wear’ and click “SEARCH“ button.

2. Click on ‘See More Companies’ or ‘See More Products’ to see Additional Search Results
The list of companies and products relevant to the keyword ‘Mountain Wear‘ will appear as seen below

and clicking on “See More Companies“ buttons on the bottom you can see search

results in phases or narrow down the result, by searching within results.

3. Review Detailed Information on Companies and Products
Click on the button next to company name or product name will show you detailed

information on the company and the product as seen below. You can ask questions

about the products of the company on the search result, by clicking on “Submit Buying Request“.

If you still do not find supplier you want from the results of “See More Companies”,

then click “Can not find the right supplier?” on the bottom and then you can move

to “Looking for Supplier” page.

Finding Suppliers, through Category Search

Click on the category related to the company you are looking for.

Then you can see companies and products information as seen below. Select “Company Info(Information)” and “Product Info(nformation)” tab to review relevant information

and for detailed information, you may want to click the button, just as you do in search with “Search Word”. Click on “See More” on the right.

it will show more categories and you can choose the category you want and click on

“Search within Results” to see search results based on the categories you added. (Multiple and overlapped choices allowed in choosing categories.)