-------------------------- User’s Agreement --------------------------

Chapter I. General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)
The purpose of this agreement is to prescribe the terms and conditions, procedures, and other necessary policies of accessing and using the “Korea Federation of Textile Industries (KOFOTI)’ Textile Industry FTA Support Website” (hereinafter the Site) that is in compliance with the Telecommunications Business Act.

Article 2 (Policy of Validity and Alternation)
① This agreement shall take full effect by signing up after notifying to the Site.
② The Site can change the policy for good reasons and can notify changes immediately in case of changes of the policy. When a registrant doesn’t agree with the changed policy, it is possible to suspend the usage of service and terminate the contract at any time. The lasting service usage after the effective date of a policy shall be regarded that a registrant agrees with the changed policy.

Article 3 (Range of Application)
① This policy shall apply to a user of the Site.
② If a rule is not stated in this policy, this rule can be applied according to the relevant regulations and the purpose of the use conduct of each service.

Chapter II. Usage Contract for Service

Article 1 (Application for Service Usage)
① It is regarded that a user agrees with this usage contract by pressing the button of agreement after taking proceedings for registration.
② All members can utilize the service only after providing necessary details for the registration (full name, foreigner’s registration number, contact information, etc.) requested by KOFOTI. In case that the provided information is found to be false, a user cannot claim all rights.
③ In accordance with clause 1, a user should apply for necessary items, which KOFOTI would need for the administration of users, through the service, "ID Request" in case that a user requests ID. The usage contract shall be concluded by the approval of KOFOTI for ID applied by a user. The ID of a user shall be deleted and a violator shall be punished in accordance with the relevant regulations in case that a user applies for the service in violation of the relevant regulations such as the appropriation of the name of other company and others.
④ The Site can refuse the acknowledgement of the usage contract under following cases:
  1. In case that a user applies for the service by using the fake name of others
  2. In case that a use does not apply with one’s full, legal name
  3. In case that a user makes false statement in the application form for usage contract
  4. In case that a use applies in order to obstruct public peace and order of society

Article 2 (Time of Service and Limitation)
① The time of service shall be available all year-round and 24 hours a day (00:00~24:00), unless an interference with the businesses or technology of KOFOTI occurs.
② If general system update and checkups are necessary, the time of service can be suspended or limited without a prior notice to members. Moreover, the Site can limit the service, if a telecommunication operator, who is stipulated in the regulations for the telecommunication operation, suspends its service.

Chapter III. Obligation

Article 1 (Obligation of the Site)
① The Site shall make services available to members promptly, unless special circumstances occur.
② The Site shall maintain the equipments to provide stable services. In case of malfunctioning of the service equipments, it is required to make an effort to repair the problems immediately.
③ The Site shall notify any changes or additions in the contents of the service to members, and the duration of fixing problem and the reason of limited services must be notified as well.
④ The Site shall protect the personal information of a user provided by the application of the service usage, additional information provided later and the personal information made in course of service usage in accordance with relevant regulations such as laws concerning the disclosure of information by the public organization, laws concerning the promotion of utilizing the telecommunication network and others. Furthermore, the Site will not provide the personal information of customers to the third party without a separate agreement.

Article 2 (Obligation of User)
① A user takes all responsibilities for the administration of ID and password. A user takes all responsibilities for faults in the service usage occurred by the offered ID and for the false usage by the third party.
② A user should observe the regulations and usage conduct for information service or notes, which are arranged by this policy.
③ A user shall notify KOFOTI, when one’s ID has been used fraudulently.
④ A user must accept and follow relevant laws and specified regulations in this agreement.

Chapter IV. Termination and Limitation of Service Usage

Article 1 (Termination and Limitation)
① The Site can suspend or terminate the contract and service without prior notices, if a user applies to any of following cases:
  1. Cases that bring the discredit on other user or the third party by slander or libel
  2. Cases that related to any criminal act
  3. Cases that are regarded as inappropriate for countries and societies
  4. Cases that fraudulently use other’s ID and/or password
  5. Cases that spread information, sentences, diagrams and others, which violate the public order and moralities, to others
  6. Cases that a same user applies with different IDs
  7. Cases that are judged to be unsuitable for the purpose of operation
  8. Cases that violate other relevant laws or specified rules

Article 2 (Procedure to Nullify Restrictions)
① In case of suspension or termination of the contract, the KOFOTI can write or telephone the reason to the user or representative.
② However, if the company urgently needs to stop the service, then the suspension or termination can occur without any prior notice.
③ According to Chapter 4, Article 2, Clause 1 of the agreement, the user or representative can appeal one’s suspended or terminated services to the company.
④ The company shall immediately stop the suspension or termination of services only when such reasons are appealed and finalized.

Article 3 (Rights and Management for Posted Materials)
The Site can delete contents without the prior notice when it is judged that contents in the service, which a user posts or registers, come under following cases:
① Cases that bring the discredit on other user or the third party by insult or defamation
② Cases that are judged to be unsuitable for the purpose of operation for the concerned bulletin board
③ Cases that spread information, sentences, diagrams and others, which violate the public order and moralities, to others
④ Cases that infringe the copyright and rights of others’ information
⑤ Cases that violate other relevant regulations of the Site and of the KOFOTI